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Applications for Coating Powders
Busbar Coating, Switchgear Equipment and High Voltage Fuses 
  • Low voltage (600V) and medium voltage (up to 38kV) busbar coating
  • Economical formulations enable flexible, one-powder, low & medium voltage manufacturing solutions
  • UL-listed products with high RTI rating

Slot Insulation of Motor Iron Armatures and Stators 
  • Class F-rated epoxy coating powders
  • Superior edge coverage and dielectric strength
  • High productivity and long shelf-life stability
Resistors, Capacitors, Varistors and Passive Electronics 
  • Epoxy coating for passive components including resistors, varistors and capacitor
  • High temperature stable and excellent thermal cycling materials for ceramic capacitors
  • Fast-cure and low-temperature pickup materials for film-wrap capacitors
Toroids, Magnetic and Powder Cores 
  • Low moisture absorbing materials for stable inductance values
  • UL-listed products
  • Spray coatable and electrolytic sprayable coating powders
Epoxy Binder Resin for Pot Cores 
  • Excellent green strength to move parts before curing
  • Optimized particle size for optimum compression between ferrite alloy and epoxy resin
  • Low shrinkage to provide minimal magnetic interference