HB2000 White reflective molding compound for LEDs
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HB2000 is a high temperature epoxy molding compound developed as an alternative to thermoplastics for LEDs rated at ~1 watt or more. It is designed for molded lead frame reflector packages in LED backlighting units (BLU) for liquid crystal displays and for general lighting applications. 
Unique non-aromatic chemistry provides high reflectance and whiteness after long term exposure to UV light and temperatures up to 150°C. Excellent adhesion to the leadframe resists delamination and is designed to pass the ink penetration test.
HB2000 features excellent moldability and a 2 minute cure for high productivity.
  • High reflectance of visible light 
  • Excellent heat resistance up to 150°C 
  • High leadframe adhesion to resist delamination 
  • Halogen-free “green” material 
  • Fast cure and very good mold release
Compared to thermoplastics, HB2000 has superior resistance to yellowing after heat aging or UV exposure. Compared to other epoxies, the outstanding balance of leadframe adhesion and good moldability provides high productivity without compromising delamination performance.