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Specialty thermoset epoxy compounds delivered with processing and end-use technical support. SolEpoxy is a global manufacturer, high-tech specialist innovator of epoxy dielectric coating powders and molding compounds, plus a unique, optically clear epoxy molding compound.

Epoxy Insulating

Coating Powders

Uniform, Durable, Tough
Fast curing, even-coverage, flexible. UL & flame-retardant; backed by application engineering know-how...

Durable Dielectric

Molding Compounds

Productive & Reliable
Formulated for high-speed production and challenging environments. Available low-temp thermosets save time and energy...

Optically Clear


Permanent Clear & Colors
Unique non-yellowing, tough and scratch-resistant with high product yields - ideal for LEDs, optocouplers and photosensors...

Latest News
Emphasizes defect prevention, reduction of variation & waste in supply chain
  • ISO9001 + automotive industry specific requirements
  • Ultimately improves customer satisfaction
  • Provides a distinct competitive advantage
High reflectivity, non-yellowing epoxy mold compound
  • Initial reflectivity greater than 92%
  • Maintains reflectivity after 1,000 hours @ 125C
  • Cost-effective alternative to silicone
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