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About SolEpoxy
Specialty thermoset epoxy compounds delivered with processing and end-use technical support. SolEpoxy is a global manufacturer, high-tech specialist innovator of epoxy dielectric coating powders and molding compounds, plus a unique, optically clear epoxy molding compound. We formulate, design, and manufacture. Our scientists and engineers have invented much of the know-how for dielectric epoxy coating and molding. Working for inventors, entrepreneurs and global corporations, we have earned our reputation as partners in problem solving. You can contact us toll-free at 1-800-829-2209.
Uniform, Durable, Tough
Fast curing, even-coverage, flexible. UL & flame-retardant; backed by application engineering know-how...
Productive & Reliable
Formulated for high-speed production. Available low-temp thermosets save time and energy...
Permanent Clear & Colors
Unique non-yellowing, tough and scratch-resistant - ideal for LEDs, optocouplers and photosensors...
Custom Formulations & Application Support

Leverage our laboratories and experience. We will support you with samples, testing and application engineering. Having invented much of the technology for solid, thermoset dielectric epoxy compounds, our Olean facilities provide analytical chemistry, performance testing, application quality, and cycle verification and durability analysis.

Share your problem. There's a good chance we've seen it before. Even if we haven't, we're not shy about inventing. Contact us!

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